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                            About Model Train Depo

  This is a Model Train Marketplace for hobbyist and collectors             alike, to purchase and sell Model Trains in all scales.

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 We are now Factory Dealers for BLI, Bachmann, Lionel, Peco, Atlas HO & O scale, Rapido Trains, Bowser, Bar Mills, Banta Modelworks, LGB, Marklin, Cal Scale, Caboose Industries, Downtown Deco, Chooch Entetrprise and many more manufactures! Ask about any product and we can list it at LOWEST price on the web!


                 Now there is better place to buy and sell your Model Trains at lower prices!

                 Zero cost to list items and low purchasing prices. Sellers pay one low fixed fee

                 when item sells, just under 9%  That’s it! One and Done!

                 All listing are Buy It Now so the seller can ship immediately after payment!   

                **** We have temporarily suspended our commission fee until further notice!****


  All sellers are verified and most are current ebay sellers with 100% feedback. Sunrise Creek      Railroad sells on ebay with 20 years of 100% feedback!


                 It’s safe. We use PayPal exclusively for your sales transactions, ensuring protection of your                         personal information (PayPal account is not required to purchase; is only required to sell)

                 We monitor and review sellers and seller items


               PayPal protections exist for buyers and sellers

                 *** LIMITED TIME OFFER, NO SELLERS FEE***

  Selling *** ZERO Fee For Selling! Pay only Paypal 3.49%***

All sellers on MTD are Top ebay sellers with 100% feedback

                 **Zero selling fee offer is limited time but will not end without 1 month notice**

                 Listings are free!  Sellers pay 9% total fees after item are sold. Our commission

                  is 5% and Paypal charges 3.49% processing fee ( 8.49% total actually) The other site 

                  charges 12.88 % transaction fee for Model Train sellers now.....Ouch!

                  Seller must have Verified PayPal business account.

                  See "How it works" for Paypal seller requirements.

 Seller shipping option

                  Sellers have the shipping option to use the Paypal Shipping system via USPS or UPS,

                  much like the other site, with discounted shipping rates as well!

 Model Train Depo vs Them

                  While we think those guys are awesome for a lot of reasons, we wanted to provide a platform                    that is ONLY MODEL TRAINS! A site built by Model Train enthusiast alike.  How is Model Train                    Depo different?  As we said, it's only model trains. That's it, nothing else.  It's cheaper. There a                    is small transaction fee that is less than what you pay on the other site. Less clutter. Because                      it's only model trains, almost all listings will appeal to your interest!

              A lap around the Sunrise Creek Railroad