Bachmann Schnabel Car Gray Black Load & Black Trucks-380 S

The Schnabel cars unique design allows it to carry extremely heavy or oversized
loads, such as generators and transformers for power stations, by making the
load an element of the car. The two tapered lifting arms that hold the load
resemble a birds beak, which gave the car its nameSchnabelis
from the German for "carrying-beak-wagon" (Tragschnabelwagen). Schnabel
is a funny name for a seriously powerful freight car.

Features include:

16 sets of 125-ton roller-bearing trucks

prototypically correct 36" metal wheels

RP25 wheel contours

8 span bolsters

detailed transformer load

molded hydraulic lines and pumps

27.5" long
E-Z Mark
II couplers

This model performs best on 22" radius curves or greater.