Dapol HO (1/87th) Wainwright 4-4-0 British Locomotive NEW

This is a high scale HO piece by British manufacturer Dapol. New In Box, I cannot take it out of the plastic cradle because it is sealed. This is NOT OO, but HO. I purchased it, then realized it does not quite fit my collection. It will be posted until next Friday and has a $150 reserve. I will take the highest bidder of $150 or more. MRSP is closer to $200, and you won't have to pay International Shipping Fees. This particular model was closely analyzed by Sam's Model Train Reviews, which is a not-for profit unbiased YouTube channel in where model trains get a complete once over. It scored very high. Included are spare traction tires, as well as an additional set of drivers for those who might prefer not to use traction tires, as well as separate detail parts. This is a limited edition.