MILLER ENGINEERING #1381 DRIVE-IN SIGN This is a double sided sign that can be used for many different applications. The sign comes blank and five sets of peel & stick overlays are provided allowing the user to produce one of five different variations. You can even make your own overlays. The Drive-In version also comes with several movie titles, plus a blank one that says "Now Showing", as shown to the left. Because the sign comes blank there are unlimited possibilities for its applications. No matter how it is used, it will be a show stopper on any layout. Suitable for HO/O Scales and measures 4.16" Tall x 4.40" Wide.
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MLR/1061 O/Ho Coppertone Bb

MLR/1062 Ho/N Coppertone Bb

MLR/1072 Ho/N Milwaukee Road Bb

MLR/1081 O/Ho HeinZ Sign

MLR/1082 Ho/N HeinZ Sign

MLR/1171 O/Ho Northern Pacific Bb

MLR/1172 Ho/N Northern Pacific Bb

MLR/1181 O/S Theater Sign

MLR/1182 Ho/N Theater Sign

MLR/1251 Ho/N Welcome to Las Vagas

MLR/1281 O/Ho Art & Sons Septic Service

MLR/1381 Ho/N Drive-in Movie Sign

MLR/1382 N/HO Drive-In sign

MLR/1781 Cafe Horizontal Large 2.1'wide

MLR/1782 Ho Cafe Animated Sign

MLR/1981 Diner Horizontal Large

MLR/2009 Christmas Tree

MLR/2010 Snowman

MLR/2011 Santa w/Sleigh + Reindeer


MLR/2014 O Believe Rotating Sign

MLR/2015 Animated Nutcracker

MLR/2061 Sherwin Williams Paints Large

MLR/2081 O/Ho Atlas Moving & Storage Bb

MLR/2350 Portland Oregon Sign Desk Top Neon Base

MLR/2481 O/Ho Western Auto Bb

MLR/2501 Experimenters Kit

MLR/2502 Animator'S Experimenters Kit

MLR/2503-3 Experimenters Kit Blue Wire

MLR/2503-2 Experimenters Kit Red Wire

MLR/2504 Jumbo Experimenters Kit

MLR/2507 Flush Mount Adapter

MLR/2581 O/Ho Breyers Ice Cream Bb

MLR/2582 N Breyers Bb

MLR/2681 O/Ho Dr Pepper Bb

MLR/2701 El Lamp Power Supply

MLR/2704 Replacement Sign Controller sm

MLR/2705 Roadside Support Kit

MLR/2750 O/Ho Pensacola Florida Sign

MLR/2781 General Electric Bb

MLR/2981 Clark Bar Bb

MLR/3072 Ho Ymca Sign Vertical

MLR/3681 Ready Killowatt Lg Bb

MLR/3881 Union Station Travel By Train

MLR/3980 BulldoZer Co