New - Weathered Rapido SW1200 Chicago & Northwestern DC/DCC/sound

This is a new Rapido SW1200 in Chicago & Northwestern livery. It comes with factory DC/DCC and sound installed and runs on both DC and DCC layouts. The model was weathered to resemble prototype photos and I am an authorized Rapido dealer so all factory warranties apply.

Weathering Details:
- Minimal soot accumulation on spark arrestors
- overall dry rust accumulation across the upper surfaces
- Dust accumulations over the air reservoir tanks.
- chipping and flacking of the handrails and walkway tread
- dusting across the lights due to age and decreased general maintenance.
- detailed vent openings.
- Mild dust accumulation on walkways.
- polyurethane coating to allow handling of the model without damaging the weathering.
I'm happy to answer any questions and welcome combined shipping. Please pay within 48 hrs or let me know if you need further time to complete the purchase let me know.



Product Details from Rapido

The HO Scale Rapido SW1200 features
Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
Heavy diecast frame, chassis and gearboxes for superior pulling power
Rapido’s renowned silky smooth-running drive system
Working classification lights, cab interior light and inspection lights
Fully detailed Type A or Flexicoil trucks, as appropriate
Full cab interior with working cab interior light and non-working fire extinguisher and fridge (where appropriate)
Working headlights and illuminated number boards at both ends
Some models have a rotary beacon or flasher/strobe as appropriate
Separate handrails, including crash bars inside the cab
Multiple exhaust stack and battery box door styles
With or without working drop steps, as appropriate
Incredible underbody piping and conduit detail - a Rapido hallmark
DC/Silent or DC/DCC/Sound versions featuring an ESU Loksound decoder with accurate recordings from a 567 prime mover